Digging deep into army bread

The standard army cargo pants I have are highly convenient. Size 36. When I wear it just right, the pants of the Nigel are basically 34, but I dare to wear Army Cargo one size higher. Of course, the waist is quite generous, but it can be adjusted with side adjustments and can be hung with suspenders.

In the first place, isn't it cargo pants that immediately come to mind when it is called military bread? Of course, I am too. What does cargo mean?

Cargo means cargo (carried by ship or plane), cargo or cargo, and is a pair of pants originally worn by the crew of a cargo ship. If you trace it back to the original, it was actually derived from the work. The first military pan to appear was the M-42 paratrooper pants, which were issued to parachute units during World War II in 1942. From here, it is said that it was adopted as combat pants in various countries.

Army cargo pants, a staple of the Nigel Cabourn, are a combination of American M-43 and M-51 and British vintage pants. The material is 100% cotton, the same as M-51. From the M-65, nylon material became widespread, and American cargo pants made of 100% cotton ended with the M-51.

Produced in 1951 for cold climates, the M-51 is the basis for today's cargo pants.

Two big heads with army cargo pants in Nigel Cabourn, British army pants - vintage twill.

I feel that there are many people who get lost in the color here. It is green and khaki. I understand the green, but I think some of you may have thought that the other color was beige no matter how you look at it. When I first joined the company, I think I took the green pants with me even if I was asked to take those khaki pants. smile

Why is this color called khaki?

It originated in India in 1890. The army bread of the British army at this time was white. To be honest, there is no advantage. If it bleeds, it will turn red and it will be conspicuous that it is pure white. There is no coin laundry on the battlefield, so you can't wash it. So the soldiers mixed curry, coffee grounds, and mulberries with river water and dyed them khaki. Khaki means mud or dust in Hindi. This way, bleeding will not be noticeable, the soldier will not panic, and it will not be as noticeable as pure white. Later, this was officially adopted by the British army.

You can see that it's clearly not green. Anyway, why was it white? I'll look into it again. smile

But why is it recognized that khaki = green? Originally, it has a hebeige color of mud or sand. There seem to be various theories about this, but when camouflage patterns were imported into Japan, the mistaken interpretation that khaki = military bread was pervasive, and it seems that the camouflage used was also called khaki. Well, it's an overseas interpretation, so I don't know.

By the way, when the British army officially adopted khaki military bread, this name was called "Chinose". Khaki dough was adopted as a military bread for American soldiers stationed in the Philippines. Originally used as a military bread for work, brushing continued and in 1941 the world's first field jacket and pants were born. This is the prototype of the M-41 current chinos.

It's connected, isn't it? lol I have blogged about cargo pants many times, but there were many first-time discoveries. I actually have chinos and army cargo, but I feel like I enjoy wearing them more. So this brand is interesting.

Military bread suitable for both casual and formal occasions will come in handy all year round. Please try the diversity of Nigel military bread.

It's been a while ago, but I got up early and went fishing.

This horse mackerel fry was exquisite. This year we will be fishing for tuna.


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