《Traditional works of art》VOLENDAM JACKET

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This is Kamata from FLAGSHIP STORE.

It's already been two months since the VOLENDAM Series arrived. Thank you very much for your purchase. If you are still considering purchasing this item, I highly recommend it.

Learn more about VOLENDAM here.
*《AW22 New Arrivals》VOLENDAM Series

This product is based on traditional Dutch folk costumes.
Many of those who are convinced of its goodness and purchase it are happy to see the purchase of a set or 3 pieces.

I can understand the feeling of wearing all together from the strong design.
However, this time, we would like to focus only on JACKET and introduce how to wear it.

Regardless of whether or not you purchased it, I would appreciate it if you could think, "Oh, that JACKET is unexpectedly versatile."


INNER : Solid wool roll neck / SOLID WOOL ROLL NECK (Wearing size: 48)
PANT : Army cargo pants / ARMY CARGO PANT (Wearing size: 36)

You can't remove it. First, military bread.
This product has a drapey silhouette, but the material is HEMP DENIM, so it goes well with it.

If you're having trouble with Nigel Cabourn's styling, we recommend the “military bread” first.


INNER : Reversible parka / REVERSIBLE PARKA (wearing size: 50)
PANT : 40's military sweatpants / 40's MILITARY SWEAT PT (Wearing size: 36)

At first glance, the two do not seem to match, but in fact, they can come together nicely.
Styling removed with SWEAT PANT. I imagined walking in a park with high-tech sneakers that emphasized ease of movement.


CAP: Newsboy - 8 well corduroy / CASQUETTE - 8WALE CORDUROY
INNER : Sweat cardigan ZAKZAK / SWEAT CARDIGAN ZAK ZAK (Wearing size: 50) *Not posted online
PTs: French Work Pants - 8WALE CORDUROY / FRENCH WORK PT - 8WALE CORDUROY (wearing size: 34)
SHOES : Nigel Cabourn x YOGI FootWear / FINN Ⅱ

While feeling the same background of EURO, I tried to be conscious of wearing it in winter by combining it with CORDUROY material.
The innerwear is "ZAK ZAK CARDIGAN" which is very popular at our store. ZAK Please pay attention to those who have purchased ZAK.


INNER : MEDICAL SHIRT (wearing size: 48)
PANT: MEDICAL PANT - WOOL HICKORY (Wearing size: 34) *Not published online
SHOES: Nigel Cabourn x YOGI FootWear / FINN Ⅱ

Indigo and Navy. At first glance, it looks like a standard color combination, but the styling makes WOOL HICKORY, which is characterized by a different material and STRIPE pattern, stand out well.
It is said that navy blends well with Japanese faces and skin tones. If you are having trouble with the coordinate, why not try it?




“VOLENDAM” will probably be a special collection for this season.

There are only a few left, but there are a few points in the store.
If you are lost, please hurry.




From here, it's time for Kamata's "Nakame MESHI", an irregular project.

This time, we will introduce a long-established home-style Taiwanese restaurant along Yamate-dori after getting off at Nakameguro Station.

“Tenjiku Yatai-san” “Beef cut noodles” ¥ 900 + half fried rice ¥ 200

Actually, when I first joined the company, I visited once at a staff farewell party.
I had the impression that the food I ate at that time was delicious, so I went to lunch.

It was delicious as expected. Handmade curly thick sword-cut noodles were lightly entwined with beef broth. Kakuni is also the best.
The reasonably priced semi-fried rice is also very delicious, and the moist and crispy system that can only be expressed with a wok and a huge amount of heat is also the best.

Ramen is also on the menu. In addition, set meals are also listed on the blackboard of the shop, and looking at the inside of the store, I could see that the regulars were asking for set meals.

About 7 minutes on foot from the station. It is located along Yamate-dori.
Click here for Tenjiku Yatai's location → (Map)

It's worth asking.


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