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This is Yamane of 1415+2 staff.

I would like to introduce the rare items handled by our shop.

Today's dish is...


Item No. 80390000006

Down jacket for the fall/winter 2019 season. It is a valuable item that was once released by MAIN LINE (domestic production line).

This time, we miraculously unearthed a size of 46 (S) ~ 50 (L)!

For some time now, a down jacket has not been released from domestic production. A hidden masterpiece characterized by a heavy and secure fabric feeling unique to Japan products.

Orthodox fitting. I was 173cm and had a normal body shape, but I felt just right at 48 (M).

Please contact us if you are concerned about the size.

See you later.

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What is 1415+2?

A directly managed store in Minami-Horie, Osaka. In addition to Nigel Cabourn, we are developing selected import brands handled by Outer Limits Co., Ltd. as the exclusive domestic agent. In addition, we also offer many rare items such as one-of-a-kind archives and sample items that have not been commercialized, and it also has the face of an outlet store. The inside of the store is a treasure trove of bargains. We also operate our own online shop.

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