Long-wearing Nigel Cabourn WOMAN Vol.3

Pants, shirts, jackets, denim. These staples are essential to Talking About Nigel Cabourn Woman and are checked every season and updated as needed. Women who love these classic items talk about their charm in the new monthly series "Nigel Cabourn WOMAN who wants to wear it for a long time". Appearing this month is Tomoka Mori Nigel Cabourn Tokyu Plaza Ginza store manager of Women Army Gym. I will introduce the reasons why I love "Nigel Cabourn" and how to dress it.

What is "Wide Chino"?

Among the standard pants of "Nigel Cabourn", the "Wide Chino Pants", which have the most fans, are one that reproduces the details of vintage work pants such as suspender nails and belt loops, and is finished in a sophisticated silhouette that falls from the hips to the hem. Updated to an original cotton chino cloth with an elegant impression while retaining the essence of workwear. From this season, the original chino material has been updated, and by weaving it with three threads, both vertical and horizontal, the fabric itself becomes plump and taut, creating an uneven surface and moderate luster, complementing the silhouette of wide pants.

Tomoka Mori / Sales / Tokyu Plaza Ginza Store Manager

Ask store manager Tomoka Mori, the appeal of "wide chinos pants"

  1. What is your favorite point of "wide chinos pants"?

Mori: The sophisticated silhouette of "Wide Chino" is the most attractive thing. It spreads generously towards the hem, but there is no extra sagging and it styles up beautifully. They are particular about the material and delicate details such as the back belt, and it is transmitted to the wearer, so every time you pass your foot, your posture stretches and you feel dignified.

This season's "Wide Chino" is available in four British-inspired colors: beige, green, navy and off-white. The greens are very fresh in their first appearance of the season. I bought two colors this time: beige and navy. This pant really suits my taste, and this is the seventh pair of different materials such as cotton and linen. We may soon be able to conquer all colors.

  1. How do you usually dress?

Mori: Sometimes I pair it with a short top, or sometimes with a long coat. The silhouette is beautiful, so even if you pair it with a long top, it will fit perfectly with the modal atmosphere. I often wear it when I go to work, but I also wear it when I go to a meal, café, or park with friends on holidays.

  1. What kind of style would you like to try in the future?

Mori: I usually wear it in a casual style, but I would like to go out to fashionable restaurants and city centers with a jacket or blouse and wear a fashion or trad atmosphere. Also, I want to take advantage of the wide chino suspender button to match the suspenders with a jacket or a ruffled blouse to challenge myself to wear adult clothes with movement. I think it would be nice to combine it with the linen cashmere knit series of "Nigel Cabourn".

Ask Store Manager Tomoka Mori, The Appeal of Nigel Cabourn

Please tell us how you met "Nigel Cabourn" and its appeal.

Mori: When I was a student, I worked part-time in the apparel industry, so brand research was my daily routine, but I happened to find myself on the Internet Nigel Cabourn When I saw an article about a fashion show, I was instantly attracted to its unique worldview. At that time, the ladies line had just been launched, and there was no only shop in the Japan yet, but a few months later, I learned that the world's first store in the Tokyu Plaza Ginza store had been decided, so I joined the company as a new graduate in 2016 as an open member of the Tokyu Plaza Ginza store. I am now in my 7th year working as a shop manager at the Tokyu Plaza Ginza store. The number of women's items is increasing year by year, and standard items such as Basque shirts are gradually updated and continue to evolve. Depending on the collection, there are new flavors and goodness, which fascinate me more and more.

  1. What was the first Nigel Cabourn item you bought? If you buy it for the first time, what do you recommend?

Mori: The first thing I bought was a pair of five-pocket jeans and a Basque shirt for spring/summer 2016. The Basque shirt is a simple border cut and sew, but the details vary from collection to collection, and attention to detail is packed. If you look through the sleeve, you will feel this charm.



  1. What does a staple mean to you? Also, besides "Nigel Cabourn", are there any other things that you have been wearing in your daily life for a long time?

Mori: For me, "classics" are not flashy, but they have an overwhelming presence and a sense of security, and they are indispensable. The standard of "Nigel Cabourn" also has a sense of security that complements the coordination nicely regardless of style. Besides Nigel Cabourn, the blouse I got from my grandmother is my favorite. I don't know when it was made or the brand name, but it is one that I have a very strong affection for. Once I like clothes, I wear them for a long time, so everything in my closet is "one army" for me.

  1. What kind of women do you want to wear Nigel Cabourn Woman in the future?

Mori: I would like to deliver it to people all over the world during the Japan. Once you put it through the sleeve, you will feel the splendor of clothes. The delicate and careful details and the storytelling of the design give off another wonderful aura when worn. If you haven't been able to find a style that sticks out to you, want to enjoy a slightly different taste from those around you, or your wardrobe is getting stuck in a rut, please give it a try.

WIDE PANT ¥29,700


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