Long-wearing Nigel Cabourn WOMAN Vol.2

Pants, shirts, jackets, denim. These staples, which are indispensable for talking about "Nigel Cabourn Women", are actually updated almost every year, including details. A new monthly series in which women who love the standard items talk about their charm to the fullest "Nigel Cabourn WOMAN who wants to wear it for a long time". Appearing this month is Suzuki Shiiragi of the "Nigel Cabourn" advertising tower and press. I will introduce the reasons why I love "Nigel Cabourn" and how to dress it.

DRESS SHIRT DUNGAREE × Hiiko Suzuki (Nigel Cabourn Press)

What is a "dress shirt dungaree"?

Nigel Cabourn's standard "Dress Shirt Dungaree" is an updated version of the dress shirt of the 1940s ~ 50s to suit modern lifestyles. The dungaree material, which is woven using cotton yarn for the weft yarn and hemp thread for the warp yarn, has a light and dry texture that gives a cool impression. The luster unique to hemp material elegantly complements summer wear.

A new classic dungaree shirt with elegance

The dangaree material, which is washed and has a moderate firmness, becomes an important one for you as it adjusts to your skin the longer you wear it. The stand-up collar with elements of the old dress shirt as the design source, the buzam on the chest, and the Nigel Cabourn The gentle A-line silhouette that is so spacious that it is typical of a woman creates a "neat feeling" even in casual wear. The slit that goes deep into the side allows you to enjoy various outfits such as voluminous skirts and shorts in summer.

Press Ask Hiiko Suzuki, The Appeal of Dress Shirt Dungaree

Q. What is your favorite thing about Dress Shirt Dungaree?

Suzuki: The design motif is a dress shirt, so I like the look and detail that is different from ordinary shirts. Thanks to the length and design that hides the buttocks a little, it looks gorgeous without being too casual. It can be used even if it is in, so it goes well with any Botomus and you will pick it up.
I have two colors, white and blue, but I enjoy changing the color depending on my mood. It is also a nice point that you can wear it for a long time from spring ~ autumn with cotton linen material.

Q. How do you usually dress?

Suzuki: It's useful because you can use the shirt as the main character to match it with skirts and pants, or as a haori when it's a little chilly.

Q. What kind of style would you like to try in the future?

Suzuki: It's going to be summer, so I'd like to pair it with casual shorts. Wearing shorts tends to give a childish impression, but I hope you can wear it with this shirt like an adult.

Press Ask Suzuki Hiiragiko, The Appeal of "Nigel Cabourn"

Q.Please tell us how you met Nigel Cabourn and its appeal.

Suzuki: I learned about the brand through a magazine that I always looked forward to, and now I'm involved in public relations. A brand that continues to create universal designs that are not affected by trends and fit in any era. I think that Nigel Cabourn Woman in the women's line is a brand that is both powerful and cool, but always considers and values femininity.

Q. What was the first Nigel Cabourn item you purchased? If you buy it for the first time, what do you recommend?

Suzuki: The first thing I bought was the Basic Chino by Nigel Cabourn Woman. Like "Dress Shirt Dungaree", it is a standard line of "Nigel Cabourn Woman". If you are buying for the first time, I still recommend the "Basic Chino". Although it is a standard shape, the silhouette is beautiful, and you can enjoy aging with high-quality materials. It goes well with any kind of clothing and I think you can experience the original goodness of "Nigel Cabourn".

Q. In addition to Nigel Cabourn, are there any other things that you have been wearing in your daily life for a long time?

Suzuki: I still wear it today, but I like the leather bangle that my local grandfather made on the spot and sold on the road surface when I went to Canada six years ago, and I wear it often. I'm often attracted to things that are manual and time-consuming or one-of-a-kind. I also recently purchased this jewelry, but the native jewelry of the Tuareg people in Africa has the charm of being handmade, and I would like to wear it for a long time.

Q. Finally, what kind of women would you like to see wear Nigel Cabourn Woman in the future?

Suzuki: I would like many people to wear it, such as those who like clothes, those who like vintage, and those who are looking for a new style. Wearing Nigel Cabourn Woman items makes me feel confident. Please visit the store and pick it up. You're sure to find something you love!


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