[Nationwide release on November 3, 2022] Nigel Cabourn x Yogi Footwear

"Yogi Footwear"

Producing high-quality footwear that is made with health in mind from the legs.It has become world-famous as a Comfort fashion shoe from the UK, which has attracted attention for its unique design and form.
It has a unique gently rounded form design, and the "Negative Heel", in which the heel sinks deeper than the toe, is said to help you maintain your health by correcting your posture. The point of view that captures not only fashion but also health is one of the attention.

“Yoggy’s unconventional design stance reminded me of his creative approach to this collection.Myself and Yoggy wanted to bring the worldview of each other’s brands into this collection. It's a combination of worldview and our military roots, which was very interesting."

Nigel Cabourn

Mainly made of leather and suede, the FINN II is reminiscent of the Normandy Landing Fleet and is perfect for city use and beach wear, making it a suitable collaboration item.

This thoughtful yogi design was like the shape of a foot in the sand. In collaboration with Yogi, we have created eco-friendly shoes using vegetable tanned leather and recycled crepe soles.

Scheduled to be released nationwide on November 3, 2022

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