The Roll Call: Knitwear

Nigel Cabourn 's authentic line also has a wide variety of knitwear, from cardigans to roll necks. All made in Scotland from fine British wool for the cold weather.

The leaves are starting to fall these days, so this time I would like to unravel a little about knitwear.

The George Lowe Roll Neck
The first is the George Law Rollneck. A classic piece from Nigel Cabourn this heavy-duty item was inspired by New Zealand-born mountaineer and film director George Law, who was, of course, on his way to the summit of Mount Everest in 1953. He also contributed to the Antarctic crossing.

Like the submarine knit that George wore when crossing Antarctica, it is a heavy 3-gauge knit, so it is already woven into the cold morning and evening.

The Seamless Roll Neck
This item, which has a slightly smarter impression than the above, is also manufactured by a Scottish circular knit machine (commonly known as a round body (integrally molded without side seams)). Since it is a circular knit, the seams do not get rough, so I described it as a smart impression.

The broad arrow hand-embroidered on the chest represent the government supplies that Britain once gave to its soldiers.

The Big Shawl Cardigan
This item has been in Nigel Cabourn 's knitwear category for several years, and the base is of course taken from Nigel 's vintage collection.
It is a gem that can be said to be the leading role in the heavy texture of the oversized 3-gauge material.

It goes without saying that the two patch pockets are useful when worn like a jacket. In addition, by tightening the top button, it prevents cold air from entering from the neck.

The Raglan Crew Neck
The raglan crew neck is a classic raglan sleeve crew neck knit. Raglan is named after a 19th century officer, Lord Raglan, whose development remains during the war at Waterloo. This method of attaching the sleeves to the collar dramatically increased the range of motion of the shoulders, and was an epoch-making technique that was later incorporated into sportswear. Also, compared to shoulder-mounted items, even if you wear something on top, it won't be affected, which is an attractive detail when considering layering.

Like the seamless roll neck mentioned above, it is made with a circular knitting machine, so you can't miss the beautiful silhouette.

The Submarine Knitted Jumper
And finally, the jumper-type knit worn by submariners. This season's theme is a solid item inspired by the clothes worn by merchants who were on board the transport fleet during World War II. Merchants who do not have strict uniform uniform rules like the soldiers of the British Navy love it. It is also documented that people wore knits that were knitted by humans. Since the items at that time were hand-made, each item has its own originality. The stand-up collar is halfway between the crew neck and the roll neck, and I would like to draw attention to the boat neck that can be seen in Basque shirts, and the pattern is taken from the classic fisherman sweater.