Mr. Nice's James Suckling and LYBRO 's Welders Jacket

"NC AROUND TOWN" introduces Nigel Cabourn 's customers from a wide range of industries and backgrounds. These influential figures on the front lines of their fields offer a new and fresh perspective on Nigel Cabourn 's style.
First, James Suckling of Mr Nice, a fashion consultant in SoHo.

James is from Southampton. At the end of his teens, he moved to London and has lived there ever since. Over the next 16 years, he continues to work with many designers and brands to bring meaningful, consumer-ready menswear products to the market.

"I've been into Japanese denim for a long time. The contrast between the fabric and stitching and the vintage-inspired hardware set this jacket apart from other brands making similar silhouettes. I did."

I met and photographed James at the Mr Nice Store in Soho, London. James has been with Mr Nice since the inception of the project in 2018. Primarily a CBD (cannabidiol) store, Mr Nice defines itself as a "Modern Cannabis Destination" with an emphasis on wellness aspects and a "curated selection of cannabis goods from around the world". . There are also graphic T-shirts and premium staple clothing, and in addition to the Soho store, a limited-time store will soon open at Selfridges.

James' style mixes influences from streetwear and rave culture. Ripped denim shorts, graphic tees, hooded hoodies and the latest Off White Nike sneakers. My current favorite brands are Aires, Online Ceramics, and UDLI T-shirts. And Martine Rose and Sportsbanger are my favorite designers because they reference things that are very personal to him.

For this look, he combined a Libro Welders split zip jacket in Japanese denim and cotton LYBRO, a mix of fabrics that initially appealed to him. The jackets he picked up from Nigel Cabourn 's workwear collection are available in store.

Translation: Emi Saito